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How to Overcome Exam Fear?

Mention exams to any student and he/she gets tensed up. In society, many feel it as a desirable quality that one should have regarding exams. Contrary to virtue fear makes you miserable. No one has a pleasant experience of exam fear. Fear exists more in mind than anywhere else.

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Students go to school to learn something new and positive, not to prove themselves. This is what each individual student should decide with exam fear. When the students have to prove that they are knowledgeable or can memorize text they are out to prove something about themselves. There are chances that sickness of failure or sickness of success will set in.


But for those who want to continue learning no such thing exists, as there is nothing like failure or success, it is just about being pushy to achieve something. Some can achieve in few days, some in few months or a year. Once you make up your mind to learn and you are able to strive determinately, it in itself is huge learning. Once you make up your mind only and only to learn then you will not be afraid of exams.

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Points to consider

Copying during exams is like betraying yourself. At this stage of life, you should not start your life with deception. You should face the life straight. Your marks in the exam will not determine the quality of life that you will lead. But with how much uprightness you came up will definitely have a bearing on your life.

Copying in exams is a very small thing to lose on truthfulness and rightfulness. Tomorrow when big things come in your life you will not be able to stand up to them. No problem if you do not score high marks as scoring or less scoring is not all that important in life.

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One should aim to enhance his capability and talent. Getting few marks more or less in the exam will not make much of difference in your life. But how much you learn now will make a world of difference in your life. Your grasp on the theoretical and practical aspect of the subject, your focus, and aim of the future are the things that matter the most.

For an exam, it may be ok to eat the book and vomit during the exam, but it is not good for you, the society and the world at large. No one has a pleasant experience of exam fear. During schooling, one should focus on how much you can grasp, utilizing your knowledge, enhancing your capabilities, being competent so that when you step out of school into the real world you can do something rational and worthwhile in your life.

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It is seen that most parents are more stressed about child’s exams and they pass on this unnecessary stress to their children along with the frustration. It is advised not to overburden your child. Meditation and yoga will help the student and their parent to be cool, confident, control their anger and frustration and overcome the fear of exams.

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