How to become a Successful Personal Teacher?

Personal teacher

A teacher, teaching one or few students at a time is called personal teacher or tutor. A number of parents engaging a personal teacher for their wards is increasing day by day. And tutor working with 1:1 is immensely gratifying for both. Tutor fills the gap among students. A tutor gives one to one attention … Read moreHow to become a Successful Personal Teacher?

How Important is College Education?

college education

After finishing high school studies, most of the student looks forward to joining college/university of their choice. They have a clear idea which stream they want to pursue. But there are many who may question the importance of going to college. They fail to understand that completing college provides more jobs opportunities compared to those … Read moreHow Important is College Education?

How can Students Appear in Exam with no Stress?

student stress

Virtually everybody is living a stressful life be a student, teacher, businessman or professional. Stress is more for teachers and students during exam time. It is at its peak. A teacher evaluating answer sheets and marks obtained by students is a stressful phase for both. The repercussions of this stress are far-reaching. High stress disrupts … Read moreHow can Students Appear in Exam with no Stress?