Best 5 Schools In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Schools are considered to be stepping stone to college education. In School education, the basics of the students are carried out, and further furnishing will be taking place in colleges. These kids will one day lead the country towards development, ambition and more. School education will be shaping one personality, and mega shift from bookish worm study to the world of beauty.

Education creates a healthy thought process, develop cognitive abilities and key to success in the years to come.

Now we will be presenting the best schools according to fees, Education strategy, Teaching Staff, Students Results with Extra-Curricular activities, Premises, etc.


1. Kendriya Vidhyalaya No: 1
For me, this school is considered to be the best because of the staff strength, excellent study materials, campus drive, extra-curricular facilities; Output coming out with excellent colors is getting enriched in any industrial background, due to vast responsibility of teachers and Management. During COVID-19, a single day class was not missed, but regular examinations, projects are going through the Zoom, Google Meet, etc, and they themselves proved that they are the best in the town. The fees as compared to some schools are bare 25% and the compares to posh schools, just 1/10th. Even some Teaching Staff got letter from Prime Minister Modiji, due to their excellent work. Thanks a lot for Teaching staff and Management. I do salute you.

2. St . Aloysius Sr Sec School, Pantinaka
This school is considered to be one of the oldest school starting ways ahead from British era. Excellent Teachers are there, Management including the Principal is doing good job, managing the school, Teachers are well paid and we appreciate that they paid full salary during the time of COVID-19 to Teaching Community. Majority of the school didn’t even pay even a single month salary. Campus is wonderful, The color of the school premises are reddish in color, with lush green campus, Excellent Teachers, well-known programs, various projects linked with students, etc.

3. Christ Church Girls Sr. Sec School.
This school used to rank the best once upon a time, now due to slight deliverance of the Management; it has slipped to the third position. The Teachers here are also excellent; Management didn’t come up with good strategy to move the school forward, but relented more on expansion policy, just leaving the quality works behind. Campus is fantastic with lush greens, but the traffic becomes hectic during the kids come out of school. Good doctors, Engineers, Teachers, were the boon of the school to the society. Still looking at the atmosphere and current evolution, school must posture to growth by doing good efforts in the current level of education and bringing more good results with extra-curricular activities.

4. St. Joseph Girls High School
When I came in 2008, this school was considered the best school of the town, as the Teaching Staff was considered one of the icons of Jabalpur. But due to rapid expansion policy of Management, the school started slipping to 4th position; still they have tools and equipments to come to the top. This school brought Fashion Parade in the schooling environment, as the farewell ceremony, not only the students participate but also Teachers, participated in the ceremony, a soothing sight to watch. Library is fantastic, but more to be done, campus is lush green, but Sisters who are ruling this school from Management side, must look for new avenues to bring it to the top. Cream students are coming here, but still more work from Teaching Staff and Management must be seen. I especially know when my daughter was studying there and one more member now passed. The difference is vast, must be curtailed this coming years.

5. St Aloysius Sr Sec School, Polipathar
This school is considered to be the 1st school which has worked the way to the top 5 position. Above all the schools were there, but the effort of the Principal, Management, Staff, Teachers are considered to be appreciated. Studies are done very seriously, Meetings with parents, swift and fast improvement, technological background, etc made this school to the top. Though lying slightly outside the town, still it is considered to be the best school of Jabalpur. Teaching Staff are above 5+ years old, Sports ground is small, still they compete with best schools in the town. Students were happy; they mingle with Teachers and bring the best out of them. Thanks for the hard work!

6. Joy Sr Sec School
7. Christ Church Sr Sec School
8. St. Aloysius Sr Sec School Rimja

This school is considered by me the top schools of Jabalpur. Yet some schools are there to come into the wings next year. Wish them all good luck. All the views presented here are my own. Thanking You.

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