Best Engineering Colleges in Jabalpur

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There are some colleges in Jabalpur which is considered to be in the ranking of India. But this few colleges will one day, create a mark by bringing best in students and their careers.

Jabalpur Engineering College [JEC]


JEC is considered by me, as the best engineering college in Madhya Pradesh. Regular intakes from Mahindra & Mahindra, Escorts, Eicher, etc are the horn-mark of its caliber. Candidates must go for the technical exam after 12th and get into bachelor degree and the courses will be 3 long years.

The shortfall of this college is, it must have created more short term courses which will bring in local students and they will create their own job security.

The Tech Professors and Head of Dept are well-know and they are considered to be in the category of scientists. The fees is normal, any banks can provide you credit to study this course. If selected to JEC, means the student’s loan is ready in the bank.

Still lot of modernization is required, to take India to the next level, which JEC can play a major part in the development.

IIT-DM, Dhumna Road, Jabalpur

This is the new arrival of different set of colleges with slightly modified wings in Jabalpur. This is considered to be one of the best Engineering colleges in Indian Category.

The courses consist of B.Tech, M.Tech, M.Des, PHD, etc, which campus is situated in the forest premises of Dumna Airport and Dumna Forest Reserve Area.

Accredited facilities are the need of the hour, and this campus is having lot to promote in akin with the current infrastructure. The greenery in this campus is to be well noted. Technical Teachers must be upgraded from the point of India’s concern; still they are trying hard to cope with this situation.

Kalaniketan Polytechnic College – Below Graduation Category

This is Govt College with great emphasis on students who are looking for a job early in their career. The students are working now in Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Group, etc and expert in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Though it is lying in the edge of the city, but the campus and facilities are akin with best private colleges of Jabalpur.

The Tech Teacher’s are very reputed and due to Govt Job proximity plus the laziness of Govt officials, this technical college is not noted worthy of its caliber.

Here Private Colleges are providing nothing but putting lot of money in advertisement, publishing, etc made the students not aware of the reality existing in Colleges.

Gyan Ganga College

The reason why I put the Gyan Ganga College 1 is that there are other sister concern which is akin to this college. But that all colleges are of no use to you now. They cater you students not properly and you remain unemployed but colleges are still earning enough to feed their bellies.

Their college 1 structure is famous, but the teaching staff must be trained properly. Lot of staffs are there on the role for just one year.

The Training wing and the Recruitment is very famous, especially Mr Rajeev, he is my best friend when I was teaching in college, do lot of work to render good companies in that campus. Hats off, for his best work.

That is the special of case study of this college; companies drive in and render you employment, faster.

This college is lying outside the city and the road to our beautiful Narmada River, which is an ozome site to watch.

The campus is huge and technical Labs staff is of supreme intelligence, you can really count on them, when you study.

Global College, Jabalpur

Though this college is lying far away from the city, but its computer Ion program is very famous, getting done by Tata Consultancy Services.

Global college is also running the Technical courses and Master of Business courses. In order to garner more money, they start the Under Graduate courses, just worrisome to garner students from various wings. That is why all technical colleges are considered to be called “Khicdi”, as they never render themselves to specialization.

Good companies are visiting the campus for you, as they bring in TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, and prominent companies, which get students to the cities.

Here also, Recruitment wing and Selection group are doing considerably well, whereas teaching staff are on rolling basis. Majority of the staff will be working there for few years, and staff over 5+ years is rare to see.

This college is considered to be the best for students who are going into banking, State PSC, etc and is considered the best campus in Jabalpur for exams.

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