Best Ways to Build Up Essay Writing Skills in 7 Days

Best Ways to Build Up Essay Writing Skills in 7 Days

Writing a good essay always requires the perfect combination of words, depicting thoughts and engaging the reader. Best ways to build up essay writing skills are as follows. Even if you write five lines, they should be effective enough present your point of view concisely. Essays are a medium to unravel facts, expressing views and depicting opinions. Also it is a part of many competitive exams like IAS and applications

Read Extensively and Compulsively

With seven days to go until you can master essay writing, be prepared for a great deal of cramming. The more you will read, the better you will write. Writing is not just a beautiful amalgamation of words and emotions.

You have to allow your natural instinct to take its course. Expose yourself to written material on varied subjects – academics, art or culture. This will induce a sense of distinction within you, bring alive your own unique style of writing and only then will your passion reflect in your words.



The style of writing will be different for every essay, and that will give a lot of new ideas. The more you read, it becomes clear as to what the main points are to keep in account while framing a perfect essay.

Follow your Favorite Authors

Analyzing your favourite author’s works and understanding the construction of their essays and books will be of immense help to you in essay writing. Ask yourself why certain content appears to be more engaging while some doesn’t. Why do you like that essay? Is the argument balanced with proper examples? Could there be a better way to put that motion forward? Accordingly, dissect the writing styles and imitate those you admire.

Good Vocabulary and Its Proper Use

A good command over vocabulary can always help in expressing the right form of arguments and emotions in the essay. Whosoever, the reader, is, they prefer reading sentences that express too much in too little words. A reasonably presentable vocabulary makes the essay more convincing and engaging.

It is essential for an essay writer to keep updating their vocabulary on a regular basis. There are several ways to keep improving one’s command over words. Subscribe to the “word of the day” feature on the Merriam Webster or Oxford Dictionary to regularly replenish your vocabulary. Keeping a record of these words will form a blueprint in your mind so you can access them in emergency situations.

It is also necessary to read as many novels, biographies etc. to learn new words. Wherever you find a word whose meaning isn’t clear, consult a dictionary.

Elevator Pitch Format

It is always necessary to have a pre-planned draft of what precisely the essay will contain. Plan your essay correctly, first in your mind, then as a rough draft. The elevator pitch technique is all about having a planned draft and rough idea as to how the essay has to be framed.

Writing an essay

It also needs to be effective enough to keep the readers engaged, leaving them excited as to what exactly the essay might contain. Summarizing of your essay before writing is not an easy task but it surely makes the result better. Think, frame and explore as much as you can before writing the final draft.

Quotes Add to the Essence of Essays

It is always best to decorate your essay with quotes from unique personalities or people who have achieved surmountable success in their lives. If an essay to be written is about history or culture, quote a historian’s overview. It adds to the flavour of the essay and rouses interest in the reader.

Every reader will have their own perspective on a particular essay and being concise with your opinions will attract readers. Even if you disagree with a certain scholar, present strong reasons that don’t seem offensive.

Final words

Your thought process, brevity concerning the way these thoughts are expressed and knowledge on a subject are what will determine the quality of your essay writing skills. There are many ways to build up essay writing skills. Develop the right techniques, improve your approach towards writings and let your thoughts flow.

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