What is Chalk and Talk Method of Teaching?

What is Chalk and Talk Method of Teaching?

Chalk talk is monologue (a long speech by one person) presentation done along with the drawing in the method of teaching. The drawing is drawn with chalk or crayon or pastel or with markers on a whiteboard.

It is a method of teaching which focuses on the blackboard where the drawing is represented and also the lecturer speaks and also has physical activity in it.

It can be a method for presenting lectures and talks. One of the characteristics is that the presenter does not want the viewer to lose attention. He maintains regular eye contact with the audience (students) and communicates along with the drawing.


The chalk talk teacher has to be an excellent one and should be sensitive to the classroom environment, and carries out himself with some good effect. Teachers’ voice should be clearly audible to everyone and the drawing large enough so that back bencher can see easily. T

he tone should be properly modulated, otherwise, the audience (students) will get easily bored and will not able to follow the lessons. Education should be more practical. It should allow students to express themselves. It should also allow learning independently at their own pace.

Chalk talk basically is “speaking about the message” by drawing with simple chalk, along with a talk, which underlines main points in the lesson. Audio (talk) and video (drawing or illustration) combining these two medias. Colors usage and modern techniques and the approach speak a lot about this chalk talk method.


In this teaching method the focus of approach is an average student and is the most common method of instruction. There are many established methods of instructions, among which, chalk talk method is most acceptable. If the interactive style of learning is there than it will help the student get a  better grasp on the subject.  We know in general teaching large amount of information is present in which has to be pumped in into student’s memory.

Chalk (or drawing) is used for demonstration, to explain a point or illustrate a topic which is prepared with reading resources like books, journal, and broachers. It is a two-way communication method.


Teachers using chalk talk method have to use more teaching aids which can inspire the student’s interest in learning. It can also help students in concept formation. A teacher should just not only depend on lecture type but should see that students too are participating. And all range (quick learner to slow learners) gets engaged in class. It should more activities based and should be child-centric. When students participate more actively the lessons learned are more interesting and useful.

Technology advancement

To make learning more effective we can take help of technological advancement, to enhance it and not to replace it. The quality of lectures can be improved, and so can quantity. The time of lecture preparation can be decreased, notes can be handed over by printing a hard copy.

One can take help of available tools for better drawing/illustrations purposes, changing colors, fonts etc.  if necessary. They can be downloaded from surfing on the subject sites, available in plenty on the web or can be shared among teachers which are in different geographical areas, can be stored and retrieved as and when needed. The classroom can have projectors or slides with the help of which it is easy to go back to illustrate the point.

It can also be used in sports to make play strategies. It is very effective because each player can visualize and can play as a team. The main intention is to generate ideas, develop projects, solve problems, and to memorize the subject easily.

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