How to Deal with Stress during Exam?

How to Deal with Stress during Exam?

The exam is the part of education. And it gives stress to many students. Little bit stress is a good thing it motivates the student to work hard. But exam stress at a high level, which stops students to do their best. So it is better to deal with stress.

There are some symptoms of stress

  • Absentmindedness
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches
  • Increase worry
  • Poor thirst
  • Difficulty in sleeping

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The following are things to deal with stress in the exam:

Study at a comfortable place:

To lighten the stress during the exam you can sit for a study in a comfortable place. Track the light of the room. Some of the people study with better light, and some of them study in dimmer light. And you also listen to background music during the study.


Make Notes

You do not depend on your memory. You should make notes in the school what teacher said. If you feel stress, you can study your notes. This helps in recall all things which happened in class. When you make notes focus on keyword, rather than to take dictation. Instead of copying the sentences try to make notes in your own words.

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Proper Diet

When you do not take a proper diet it can feel you negative, which affect in your exam preparation. That’s why it is essential to take your diet properly.  You can include such thing in your diet for removing the stress:

  • Try to eat meat, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Avoid heavy food.
  • You do not try to eat much food. You can include a variety of food in your diet.

Exercise & Meditation

Aerobic exercise help in reducing stress, so if you stress before an exam goes in the gym. You can also do some yoga or meditation after exercise to calm yourself. During meditation, you should keep in mind to breaths through nose & throughout your mouth.

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Sleep Tightly

To deal with the stress during the exam you should sleep tightly. When you do not get full night sleep it contributes the feeling of stress, anxiety. If you getting a trouble sleeping. Try to make your room pitch black and block out sound by wearing earplugs.

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