Importance of Girl Education in India

Importance of Girl Education in India

Every child in the world is valuable and education is very important for him, whether it is a boy or a girl. It is very sad that some communities in the world still discriminate girls’ education. There are many countries in the world that have not given priority to the education even today and children over there are deprived of going to the school.

In India, the government is giving more importance to the education of girls. The Indian government is running many campaigns that are based on girls’ education like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao which is making people aware of girls’ education and its importance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi describes girls as the pride of the nation. During his many foreign trips, he discussed women empowerment. He said that today the contribution of women in most of the areas is more than men.


Women always give the best in her respective field. Keeping these all things, Prime Minister Modi has given more priority to the education of the girls. Let’s see why education is more important for every girl.

1. Educate the future generation

It is said in a proverb, “If we educate a boy, then we educate a person, if we educate a girl, then we educate a family”. If we send a girl to the school then it is ensured that her children also will get the education in the future. It can be said that investing in a girl’s education is like investing in a nation.

2. Reduce maternal mortality

Educated women have more knowledge of healthcare, therefore their number of death during pregnancy or childbirth is very less. These women also go to the health care service providers to get knowledge about delivery complications, emergency treatment and follow-up care.

3. Boycott of child marriage

Child marriage involves the marriage of girls under the age of 18. This pratha is still part of many communities. As a result, the girl is deprived of school education. Due to this, she cannot make her family fully healthy and educated in the future. Educated girls usually marry later, as long as they are not fully capable of caring their children.

4. Improve socio-economic growth

The educated women support their family and husband to improve socio-economic growth. She can do work and tries to earn money for the better lifestyle. Now, there are lots of sources of income in the home that are useful for women.

Educated women always grow her scale at the social level along with economic. Therefore, nowadays, the men are also choosing an educated girl for marriage to keep in mind their bright future.

With all these, there are many others valuable reasons to support the education of girls in all over the world.

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