How to Maintain Quality And Increase Enrollment In Indian Education?

How to Maintain Quality And Increase Enrollment In Indian Education?

A decade or so Indian students had to face board exams in 5th, 8th, 10th and 12th standard apart from their annual promotional exams. Literacy level was very low. To increase literacy level government came up with educational schemes and policies to enroll more and more children into school.

First, they started by the discontinuation of board exams till 8th standard and later on no exams till 8th standard. Later they came up with mid-day meal program, compulsory education for children till 14 years of age, right to education act, banned caning and capital punishment in class, so students can attend school without fear, started with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to increase enrollment and continuing education for all, free education for girl child (in few states) etc.

Enrolment in schools started going up. More and more parents started sending their wards to school. It was later discovered that though enrollment has gone up but the quality of education has disastrously deteriorated. There are many students from class V to VIII who do not know how to write their own name.


Forget about making sentences or counting numbers. This made the government sit up and take stock of the situation. Where is our education system heading towards? Churning out numbers after numbers of graduates who are not fit for any job, do not have the requisite skill set, are still unemployed and are not industry ready.

Some points to consider in Indian Education

Board exams will filter out non-serious students at every stage. Only those students will be promoted to next higher class who have gained sufficient knowledge for the year and have the ability to read, write and are good at numerical. Continuous evaluation through unit tests, grasping on the subject matter, logical reasoning of the subject taught should be the criteria for promotion to the higher class, instead of one annual exam for promotion.

Board exam filtration will also have its fallout in a sense that many students who will fail, may not complete their primary education and may abandon not only school but learning itself. This will increase the number of illiterates in future, especially if it is a girl child.

Fallout can be contained in a manner that those who are not successful in academic world can be taught other vocational skills in which he/she is interested in. It can be sports, cutlery skills, repairing and maintenance of machines, manufacturing of automobiles parts, nursing, hospitality industry, painting, sculpture, agriculture, sericulture etc.

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