Narendra Modi’s best Five Tips for Student

Narendra Modi’s best Five Tips for Student

These days ‘Maan ki Baat’ has become one of the most popular radio programs. It is addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He shares his thought on different subjects with the people of India on radio and TV channels.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed students who are about to appear in upcoming board exams to be held in coming months in ‘Mann ki Baat’. If any member of a family is appearing for the board exam, then entire family feels the burden and these tips for student can help them. The whole family goes through the ordeal.

The whole scenario near around is stressed. It includes parents, relatives and teachers. He emphasized that student should not take exams as a burden but take it as a positive light to feel pleasure to avoid exam stress and associated anxiety. He focused on a few points that should be taken into consideration while appearing for exams.


The Best 5 Tips For Student By PM Narendra Modi

  1.     “You should strive to gain knowledge, instead of chasing after marks” advised the PM. For better scoring, he gave the mantra “Smile More, Score More.” Aim for your ambition, mission and marks will follow you, he said.
  2.     Exams which are held annually are for testing how one fared for the year, not of a lifetime. Students should compete with themselves instead of competing with other students. The examination is not a way of measurement of success or failure in life. Exams have very little to do with success or failure of life.
  3.     PM advised the parents of students appearing for exams to create a ‘festive environment’ in their homes, a feeling of happiness and enjoyment.
  4.     PM Modi said that some students instead of spending time preparing for exams. Spend most of the time in finding ways for using unfair means during the exam. He warned them not to fall into the trap of cheating for clearing exams. Instead, he said they should put the same amount of efforts into studies. He questioned the parents what will you teach your children if you cheat.
  5.     It is essential for the students taking exams to take proper rest, get adequate sleep, get involved in some physical activities and take short breaks during studies.

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Concluding his ‘Maan ki Baat’ session PM told students to be confident about their ability and their preparations. Wishing students to perform well in the exams and providing these tips for student, he concluded his session.

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