Ruk Jana Nahi

Ruk Jana Nahi Scheme For Failed Students

The state government is going to give another opportunity to students who failed in board exams conducted by the Board of Secondary Education in Madhya Pradesh. This occasion has been named ‘ Ruk Jana Nahi’. In this examination, students will be able to take the exams again, in which they failed.

Issuing high school results, Ex-School Education Minister Paras Jain said that the students who have failed in High School and Higher Secondary examination do not have to worry. The examination will be conducted by the Open Board for these students. In this examination, the students will be able to return the examinations of the entire subject or subjects which have failed.

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It is notable that many students take steps like suicide due to disappointment with the results of the examinations. There have been many such incidents this year in the state. To prevent these incidents, the MP government has made this plan, so that unsuccessful students are not disappointed.

By Ruk Jana Nahi failed students are getting another chance for re-exam in the same year. Some of the leading colleges and universities have this system of supplementary tests. Students should take the results in a positive manner because there are many more opportunities are waiting for them in future.

Helpline For Students

Helpline number – 18002330175 (morning 8’o clock – night 8’o clock)

This helpline helps the students to choose which stream is best for them. After the results are out parents should keep their eye on their children because students who are not satisfied with their results can take an unwanted step. With the help of this helpline students as well as their parents can take suggestions for their children.

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Students can get information about colleges and universities from this helpline under Ruk Jana Nahi scheme. Some students also take a drop for coaching classes so they can get a better college. Hence if a student is failed it does not mean that their future is spoil they can make it better from another chance. 

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