Scholarships for Scheduled Castes

Scheme of Post Matric Scholarships for Scheduled Castes


Scholarships for Scheduled Castes provide financial help to the scheduled cast students at post-secondary or post matriculation stage to enable them to continue their education. Hence it is beneficiary to SC students.

Eligibility & conditions

  1. Scholarships are for the Indian citizens
  2. Scholarships for the students whose guardian/parent’s does not exceed Rs. 2,50,000 per annum
  3. Students who are not allowed to do a practice of medical course will be eligible
  4. Students completed their educational career in one professional line are not eligible
  5. Correspondence course students are also eligible (continuing and distant education)
  6. All children of the same guardian/parents can get the benefits of this scheme

 Value of Scholarship

The value of scholarship includes the following for the complete duration of the course:

  1. Maintenance allowance
  2. Study tour charges
  3. Reimbursement of compulsory non-refundable fees
  4. Thesis printing/typing charges for Research Scholars
  5. Book allowance for students pursuing correspondence courses
  6. Additional allowance for disabled students, for the complete duration of the course
  7. Book bank facility for specified courses

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Additional allowance for SC students with disabilities

  • Reader allowance for blind scholars
Level Of Course Reader Allowance (Rs. Per Month)
Group I, II 240
Group III 200
Group IV 160
  • Transport allowance up to Rs.160/- per month
  • Escort Allowance of Rs.160/- per month
  • Allowance of Rs.240/- per month for coaching


Scholars will be paid registration, games, library, tuition, union, medical examination, magazine, and such other fees are payable by the scholar.

Study tours

It charges a maximum of Rs 1600 per annum.

Printing /thesis typing charges

It also charges a maximum of Rs 1600 per annum.

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