Pre-Matric Scholarship

Scheme of ‘Pre-Matric Scholarship’ for Minority Communities Students

This program was announced by the Prime Minister in June 2006. This scheme launched for the welfare of minorities. It is the implementation of the pre-matric scheme for meritorious students from minority communities.


The pre-matric scholarship will encourage parents to send their children to school from minority communities. So this scheme helps them to sustain their efforts. Hence it lighten their burden on school education to support their children to complete school education. These educational schemes are very useful for students.


This scheme is for Indian students of private or government school from class I to class X.



Students must score 50% or above in the previous exam and the annual income of parents does not exceed Rs. 1 lakh.

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Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Parsis, Buddhists, and Muslims have been notified as minority communities under section 2(c). So the distribution of scholarship will be made on the basis of minorities in the states.

Earmarking for girls students

30% of the scholarship will be reserved for girl students. If 30% of girls are not available then those seats go to the boys’ students.

Rate of scholarship

S. No.



Day scholars
1.Admission fee from class VI to X Rs.500/-per annum subject to actual. Rs.500/-per annum subject to actual.
2.Tuition fee from class VI to X Rs.350/-per month subject to actual. Rs.350/-per month subject to actual.
3.Maintenance allowance is payable for a period not exceeding 10 months in an academic year.
(i) Class I to V Nil Rs. 100/-per month
(ii) Class VI to X Rs. 600/-per month subject to actual. Rs. 100/-per month

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Conditions for Pre-matric scholarship

  • More than two children are not eligible for this scholarship from a family.
  • Maintenance allowance for hostellers and day scholars.
  • If a student violates any terms and conditions, the scholarship may be suspended.
  • Maintenance allowance directly credited to students bank account.
  • A student should only have one scholarship at a time for all sources.
  • Regulations can be changed at any time with the government of India.

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