state resourse centre

State resource centre scheme (SRC)

The SRCs are ordered to provide technical and academic resource support to adults. So it helps to continue the education through production and development of material and training modules. Therefore state resource centres are founded to conduct environmental and motivational building, action research and monitoring and evaluation.

Scope of work

  1. Preparation of teaching, training and learning material for adult education
  2. Action research
  3. Training literacy functionaries
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of literacy projects
  5. To identify future needs of adult education, undertaking advanced projects

Categorization of State resource centre

SRCs are categorized on the size of their programme and workload in the area of their jurisdiction. These are divided into two categories, likewise category A and category B. Hence for every category, a different quantum of assistance is provided.

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The Pattern of Financial Assistance

The State resource centre provides an annual recurring grant for office expenses, emoluments, and programme, in the ratio of 10:45:45 as follows:

Budget Head Category “A” (Rs. Lakh) Category “B”
Office expenses 10 07.0
Emoluments 45 31.5
Programmes 45 31.5
Total 100 70

SRSs can cut the number of staffs depending on availability and need of funds.

New state resource centres

14 new State resource centres in category B was needed to set up. States which have literacy level below the national average, priority given to those states. So one additional SRC granted for states having 20 or more districts and three additional SRC for the states having 30 or more districts.

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