state scholarship scheme

State Scholarship Scheme By The State Government

The state government started the state scholarship scheme. This scheme is for scheduled tribe category students. It provides them with economic support so they can continue their study and interest will remain in their study.


The main purpose of this scheme to provide financial support to the scheduled tribe category students, by this they don’t face economic problems during their studies. This scheme is also helpful in reducing the school leaving rate.

Scholarship Rates

From class 1st they give this scholarship to girl students and from class 6th to boy students.


For 10 months of every academic year these are the current rates of scholarship:

Class Scholarship rates for boys/month Scholarship rates for girls/month
Class 1st to 5th Rs. 15 Rs. 15
Class 6th to 8th Rs. 20 Rs. 30
Class 9th to 10th Rs. 60 Rs. 80

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Process Of Scholarship

The form of the state scholarship scheme is free of cost. Forms are available in the respective institutions. First, they have to fill the form with required details and then they have to submit this form to the head of the institutions.

 The principals/headmasters of government schools empowered for approval and disbursement of scholarships.

 When it comes to private educational institutions, then they have to communicate with the government agencies for the approval of scholarships.

From class 1st to 5th directives disburse the amount to the parents of students in the presence of public representatives for disbursement of the scholarship. And the remaining scholarships are distributed through the bank accounts. There is a provision for onetime payment to class 1st to class 10th until 31st October.

Income Limit

There is no income limit for the parents of scheduled tribal category students to get this scheme. Every single student of this category can avail the benefit of this scheme.


Assistant commissioner, collector and district organizer, tribal welfare department

Hence this scheme maintains the interest of scheduled tribal category students so they can continue their study. Therefore millions of students get benefits of this scheme till now.

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