How can Students Appear in Exam with no Stress?

How can Students Appear in Exam with no Stress?

Virtually everybody is living a stressful life be a student, teacher, businessman or professional. Stress is more for teachers and students during exam time. It is at its peak. A teacher evaluating answer sheets and marks obtained by students is a stressful phase for both. The repercussions of this stress are far-reaching.

High stress disrupts the brain’s ability. To memorize, store and regenerate topics during exams. When stress is high, the brain does not work to its highest efficiency. This leads to decrease in understanding of the subject taught in the class. That is memorizing and remembering what is taught in class. And during exams it becomes difficult to retrieve the topic from the memory.

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Under stress, students find it hard to retrieve information. That they have previously learned. Which they studied during their classes and also during the exams.

Students and their parents often think that the scoring below optimal marks at the exams are of limited potential and intelligence. This decreases the student’s confidence, which further increases brain stress. Which in turn makes more difficult to use their knowledge and study the related resources.

  1. For best preparation of exam go for deep preparation

When the goal of students is only to prepare for upcoming exams in school. They will not prepare themselves for applying their learning to practical things. By engaging students in the actual task and project-based learning, help them deepen their understanding of the subject.

Both the practical and theoretical aspects. When students think that there is meaningful learning, their inbuilt motivation, enhances their long-term memory retention. Which they can easily retrieved during their exams.

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Since they were practically connected with the project, they store things more vividly. And during the time of exams, they can easily retrieve the topics.

  1. Defusing exam tension

Before the exam, that is the preparation time, students in the school can be de-stressed by discussing few things. Like last year how the topper made silly mistakes and lost few marks. What are the potential mistakes many students usually make?

This way student will see to it that they will not repeat the same mistakes. That their peer has committed and will build more confidence.

One important thing that teachers can drive in students mind is that exams are just part of life. Nothing will happen, if they score highest or lowest, in their lives.

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If the students are aware of the pattern of the exam, that they will take, it will de-stress them to some degree. They can be guided to refer old papers. Knowing few things in advance always keep the pressure off.

Let them know that single test has no bearing on their successful/unsuccessful life. Exams only measure student ability to answer the questions asked in the paper. And not their complete knowledge and skills.

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