Study Time Management to get Better Results

Study Time Management to get Better Results

Only passing exams and scoring good percentage is not studies. It is more about gaining knowledge, information, prioritizing and understanding the concepts. Studies need a lot of hard work. To get the best results out of your study time, study skills and time management are important.

Students waste a lot of their time because of poor time management and end up without completing their syllabus till the exams thereby scoring fewer marks which leads to frustration.

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Make and follow a schedule which is well planned, allocating sufficient time for studies and other activities. Sticking to the plan is easy said than done. But once you stick to your plan you will get better-balanced lifestyle thereby enjoying games, TV, and studies. Managing your studying time

Making schedule helps you manage time for all the activities

Make the list of all important tasks – Making a list helps you to include each and every activity and important tasks will not be forgotten. Amendments to the list can be made as and when required. Listing help to set priorities regarding the subjects you wish to study and when.

Have a daily schedule – Having a daily schedule will help you to stick to your timetable. Apart from other activity going to school, coaching, games, homework, rest and TV time should be included. Allotting specific time for each and every activity during which they should be completed.

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Do not postpone things – It is useless to make schedule if you keep on postponing the stipulated time for each activity. Postponing activities is the greatest enemy of success.

Avoid distraction – If it is study time, study. If it is play time, play. Do not get distracted by other activity other than what you are doing. Try to concentrate on what you are doing, with an aim in mind. Choose time for studies in such a way when you will be distracted the least. Usually early morning one is distracted the least.

Regular studies – Regular studies help you revise the topics that have been taken up in class. They also help to study those topics in advance which will be taken up in future during classroom session. To get the best results out of your study skills, study time management are also important. If you are not clear on any topic while self-studying, you can get your doubts cleared during class. Clear understanding of the topic help you score better marks.

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