Teacher Not Only Teaches, But Be A Guide Of Your Life

As a teacher of the school, the pandemic has challenged all the existing system of the universe. India is not left alone. The challenges now we faced in school are immense. Students are not allowed to troll in school premises, roads, playgrounds, etc. Teachers are worried about their career as they were sitting sadly low in their houses, looking for some new avenue.

Government is going ahead with the policy of giving money to the people in their accounts. The school Administration has come up with new policy as not to pay their salary, never taking into account past work and hardship done by teachers. After independence, the life of teachers is same, still they are not getting any pension, not any gratuity, and private has started a market to spoil it. They don’t even know because of teachers, they are standing, but have vice versa theory that “Snoopy Management” is doing the job. Actually who??

How to come out of this Global crisis? We must improve access to education but we have to maintain or create new standards of it too. According to UNESCO report, 1.6 Billion learners are affected due to school closures and 166 countries had already closed it. New joining of 258 Million students are out of school. Lot of application and websites has done their best to create new venture to create the virtual school premise, but none was compared to be world class.


UNESCO, failed to plan new modus operandi, which will instill growth in various countries due to education set-backs. Some notable steps were taken by Indian Government to start the virtual system of education, provided training by CBSE, and instigate new impetus in the teaching community. How much had been succeeded is yet to be surveyed or the aftermath will be troubling?

The centre for Global Development is giving you online assessment of what initiative has been taken by countries around the world, how it’s manuring the future of the current National Developers.

Every country adopted the recent technological movement to combat the pandemic. Liberia and Kenyan Ministries rolled out radio programs for Distance Learning Students. The Ministry of Human Affairs, Disaster Management team has started a School-Feeding program in Nigeria. Now in India efforts are made by starting a website named “ePathasala“means virtual school, which is a great step by the Indian Government.


Do you think that old traditional education can pave the way for good development of the country? The answer for this is plain “No”. Education is like a sea spread along various vitalities of life. Classroom teaching is not conclusive for students who have excess energy, more steps and have the guts to create innumerable research portfolios in their name. Stop School Feeding, Now! We will be looking for new adventures in school education.

Parents are not having enough resources to feed kids, where the booming education fees in private schools, had brought education to a standstill. The Indian Education Ministry must check it and bring more policies to combat this crisis. Every private school are charging fees ranging from Rs. 4000 – Rs. 60,000 and convey us that what they are giving to students in return. Accountability is the need of the hour. In some instances, we see that students love their teachers not the school. Teachers are considered to be a Real Hero, and the school has become a villain of education.

School is the place for innovation. But do you think that school is providing all this things. No, this all modules are not there in school and colleges. For this, the corporate are spending Millions of Dollars in training fees, because it is the demerit of the school. A mere example will prove the point. When I was teaching in Little Kingdom Sr Secondary School, I asked the management to conduct “Petty Business” in school premises.

This business will be run by school students only. 4 Students came to me with an idea. I put the proposal to the management, got it approved. We fixed the date for the venture and the shop has been put on display. Students bought Cold Drinks, Patties, Sweets, etc as merchandise. They displayed all this things before the school interval. Apart from that, they had even done the Advertisement going to all the classes and reminded five times about the new venture.

School interval bell rang, we see that the flow of students to see this venture were immense. All the students sprang here and there, looking to get a piece of items, went to such a level that giving to all became very hectic. Still students, student volunteers managed the scene very well. Our Director “Palak Tiwari Gaikwad” came to scene and even purchased her share of goods, which we considered a peck on our cheek. After the gap of 15 minutes, all the goods were sold off, now the next task for students to create “accounts”.

Accountability is done. Then we ventured about the TV with “Start-Up kids”. They presented very well. This means we did a mega-event which will be a dream project in their mind forever.
Then after a month, we did the same with Girl Students as “Mega Start-up” business. This also was considered to be a success.

What I mean to say, is that, not about the success of the event. The students who never come to the class did all this work, but when the CBSE final result has come, two out of the 4 students who started this venture had scored 90+ in commerce wing and sitting on the top three. Both are now gone to study in “Nirma School of Management”.

We wish them good luck. These petty things can change the life of kids. Yesterday was the Teacher’s day, in remembrance of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, our First Vice President of India. All the students, past or present came together to meet me, or in mobile phone, some students even got married and had a baby called and wished me. Such a gesture you will not get anywhere or in any profession. So tuned to this new venture of pandemic, change India Forever.


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