Best Time To Study

Which Is The Best Time To Study Early Morning Or Late At Night?

Best time to study is different for each individual person. Science says that our cycles of focus and alertness are governed by Circadian rhythms. There is a 24-hour sleep/wake cycle.

How The Time Of Day Affects The Student’s Brain?

After a refreshing night’s sleep and nutritious breakfast, student’s brain tends to be sharpest in the morning. So it is a good time to memorize something new or review from the previous day. With the more active brain, students have a better ability to recall details like places, names, dates and facts.

When Is The Best Time To Study?

There is no best time to study because it varies from person to person. Each person has their own time when they have the most energy. Some are the morning birds while others are night owls.


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Morning VS Night

The Day Studier

Students who study during the day have energized and refreshed the mind after a good night’s sleep. This energy makes it easier to absorb the information more and focus on what is learned.


  • The brain is refreshed and can absorb more information
  • Natural light keeps you alert and good for eyes
  • Sleep schedule doesn’t disrupt
  • Can create a study group with classmates easily

The Night Studier

Students who have more energy in evening or night are night studier. Most of the night studier wakes up late in the morning to get enough sleep. Try to make a schedule so you can get enough sleep to be refreshed.


  • More peace and quiet
  • Fewer distractions
  • Sleeping after studying can help to memorize
  • A clearer mind for creative thinking

Therefore try to find the time of day which suits best for your child so he/she can start studying more effectively. Your child’s study techniques like when he/she study or schedules study sessions can help you to find which time of the day suits him/her the best. So there is no best time to study it totally depends on your child.

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